• Support 1D, 2D and OCR codes 

• White eye friendly illumination 
• Smallest 2D all-in-one megapixel hardware decoding engine 
• Acuscan: accurate “point-to-read” feature 
• Size: 21.7(L) x 14.7(W) x 11.9(H)mm

All-in-One Design
Ultra-compact, light and integrator-friendly, the scan engine caters for miniaturization needs of OEM applications.

Megapixel CMOS
Thanks to its 1280×800 pixel CMOS sensor, the NLS- EM50S-10 is able to capture high resolution images and decode high density barcodes.

Multiple Interfaces
The NLS-EM50S-10 supports USB and TTL-232 interfaces to meet diverse customer needs.

Superior Scanning Performance
Armed with Newland’s sixth-generation of UIMG® technology, this CPU-based scan engine delivers stunning performance on decoding even poor-quality and damaged barcodes.

User-friendly Illumination & Aiming
Designed with the end user in mind, the NLS-EM50S-10 employs highly visible laser aimer to achieve crisp and accurate targeting while using flicker-free white soft illumination to reduce eye strain and fatigue from long-time operation.

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