Stefan Seuferling joined the Executive Board of Raumedic AG mid-September to strengthen the company’s management team. Together with his Executive Board colleagues Martin Schenkel, Thomas Knechtel and Bernhard Kernen, the 45-year-old is helping lead the business operations of the Helmbrechts-based medical technology manufacturer.

Sep 26, 2018

Helmbrechts – The new Executive Board member oversees the strategic and operative positioning of the sales activities of Raumedic in Europe and Asia. He is also responsible for the departments of Marketing Communication, Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs as well as the area of Projects and Services.

Sales and management experience in medical technology

Stefan Seuferling, who holds a degree in business administration, has 20 years of sales and management experience. In the position he held before joining Raumedic, he oversaw the global development organization of a listed medical technology company in northern Germany. He worked closely here on organizational development and change management. Before assuming this position, Seuferling was a member of the management team at a company that specializes in medical implants. He was in charge of the entire sales operation for Europe, among other responsibilities.

Chairman Bayer welcomes Seuferling

All members of the Executive Board at Raumedic AG report directly to Martin Bayer, the Chairman of the Raumedic Group. In March 2018, Bayer moved his office to North Carolina in the United States in order to assume his additional responsibilities as CEO and Head of Sales of the American company Raumedic Inc.

In commenting on the expansion of the management team in Helmbrechts, Bayer said: “We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Seuferling as a new member on the Executive Board of Raumedic AG. By hiring him, we have added a strong executive to the board in order to better position our company in European and Asian markets. Mr. Seuferling will naturally receive support from the entire Executive Board in his work to achieve this goal.”

Expansion of market presence

The strategy member of the Executive Board is looking forward to tackling the challenges that lie ahead: “Raumedic is a rapidly growing company with tremendous potential. I want to help fuel the company’s continued growth and further expand our market presence.” Stefan Seuferling added with a smile: “It’s also nice that my commute to work is much shorter.” The new head of Raumedic strategy has lived for many years with his wife and two children in Roth in Middle Franconia, Germany.

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