Smart solutions for medical technology are front and center for the appearance of Raumedic at this year’s Compamed. Among other things, the company will present the prototype of a new tubing system for artificial respiration at its booth 8A/F28 from November 18 through 21.



Intelligent tubing system for artificial respiration

At the heart of this innovation is a two-piece plastic connector that joins the heated tubing with the respiratory mask. The reusable electronic base features a visual alarm function that activates as soon as the respiratory gas exceeds a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. An integrated microcontroller also monitors the connected respiratory tubing so that it doesn’t exceed the prescribed usage duration of a maximum of seven days. The blue blinking LED light allows the clinic’s care staff to promptly determine from a distance that the disposable material needs to be replaced. 

A digital calling card in the second component of the connector will store production-specific information in the future. “We are still working on the exact design of the disposable component, and of course we want to focus on the needs of the users as we do so,” says innovation manager Dr. Thomas Ruhland, who holds the reins of this development project at Raumedic.

Medical silicone components – not just for ophthalmology

Proof that silicone offers many advantages for medical applications due to its material properties can be found in several product examples from the medical technology company. At the Raumedic booth, visitors will be able to see tubing, syringe plungers and sealing elements made from silicone as well as silicone solutions for ophthalmology. Among its products for eye care, the company produces silicone sleeves, injectors for inserting intraocular lenses and tubing sets for laser-assisted cataract operations.

PVC-free plastic solutions on the rise

Against the backdrop that many manufacturers of medical devices are increasingly seeking out PVC alternatives, Raumedic has developed a range of PVC-free plastic solutions. For instance, a new coextruded tubing made from EVA and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and a TPE drip chamber are ideally suited for gravity infusion kits, as Dr. Ralf Ziembinski, Head of the Tubing Business Unit, explains. “This development can be used for the administration of parenteral nutrition or medication, as well as for transfusions,” he points out.

Tube sets for transplant medicine

Using the liver transplant device "Metra", from the British company OrganOx as an example, Raumedic will put its expertise in accessories for transplant medicine to the test. Visitors to the booth will be able to see firsthand how the device interacts with the complex tubing system from Raumedic.

Raumedic at Medica

The Helmbrechts-based company will also be represented at the medical fair Medica, taking place parallel to Compamed. At booth G42 in hall 11, the Clinic Business Team will present a range of products including the Neurovent measuring catheter, a device that can simultaneously measure intracranial pressure, the temperature and oxygen partial pressure inside the brain.


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