Solving Size and Low Power Design Issues

The RV-5028-C7 Medical addresses footprint constraints affecting many medical implantable designs by combining a 32.768 kHz crystal and a RTC integrated circuit within a full ceramic, miniature package of 3.2 x 1.5 mm. The low-profile of just 1.0 mm facilitates also extremely compact design requirements.

The RV-5028-C7 Medical offers plug & play with integrated I2C-400kHz communication bus.

Due to its modular design, it does not require any oscillator optimization during the design phase and it minimizes integration constraints, thus lowering development-validation cost and cutting time to market. The factory calibration process ensures ± 1 ppm time accuracy (equivalent to ± 0.5 min/year at ambient) and the hermetic, full ceramic package is impervious to Helium and ensures stability and highest reliability over the lifetime of the implanted device.

The RTC’s extremely low power consumption of only 45 nA enables optimized system power management. 

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