At New England Wire Technologies, we are continuously advancing our capabilities to provide the best possible solutions for our customers' wire, cable, and extruded tubing applications. Many of these solutions have challenging performance criteria that are partially achieved by extruding thermoplastic or thermosetting materials to form either the tube, insulate the wire, or protect the cable from the end-use environment. We can meet these challenges by selecting the right material for the application as well as having a strong understanding of the science fundamentals that deal with the behavior of extruded materials. This is being achieved through our Application Laboratory to help advance our extrusion capabilities and expedite the transition of research and development activities from the laboratory to the production floor.

Beginning in 2016, NEWT laid the foundation for putting in place an Application Laboratory to better serve our customers. The lab is equipped with a full-scale production extruder that has capabilities to run a broad range of materials. In addition, we have invested in advanced analytical tools; Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Rheometer, chemical identification instrumentation, and other equipment that is used to help expand the operating space of extruded materials. Furthermore, we are able to help our customers meet performance criteria through use of advanced machines and instrumentation. For example, our new autoclave system can be programmed to run long-term cycling tests of materials to ensure our customers' product will meet their end-use requirements. These instruments and tools are enabling us to strengthen technical partnerships with our customers by helping them advance their product solutions. Additionally, supporting our customers is an Application Laboratory staff with decades of experience in engineering disciplines ranging from Polymer Science to Operations. Both NEWT and NETT are excited to offer these expanded capabilities and work closely with our customers in developing custom products that serve today’s technical industries.


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