An interview with Tegra Medical CEO Mark KIng.

Today’s medical device contract manufacturers are facing a number of challenges as they strive to retain customers who are shrinking the number of suppliers and service providers with which they do business. As such, the industry is seeing more full service providers emerging to fulfill all the needs of an OEM. Many of these companies are adding capabilities through strategic acquisition, but not all of them are tied tightly to this model. A select few are following more of an organic growth model that is proving fruitful for them. 

Tegra Medical is one such organization. Under the leadership of J. Mark King, president and CEO, the company has experienced significant strides in growing both capacity and capabilities by developing offerings he knew would benefit the company’s customers. “By anticipating and understanding our customers’ growth and needs along with our internal investments to meet those expectations, we ensure success for both Tegra Medical and our customers,” explained King.