RAUMEDIC features its polymer expertise in silicone injection molding, micro molding, catheter assembly operations as well as customized syringe systems.

September, 28 2016

Galway – RAUMEDIC will present World Class Polymer Solutions at the leading event for medical device technologies in Ireland. The event will take place October 4-5 in the Radisson Blu Hotel and RAUMEDIC will be exhibiting at booth #515.

This year RAUMEDIC focuses on its polymer expertise, in silicone injection molding and in micro injection molding. As a system provider for medical and pharmaceutical solutions, pharmaceutical syringe systems as well as catheters and sets complete the portfolio.

Think Small

The company is meeting the ongoing trend towards minimally invasive procedures with its ultra-small dimensioned tubing and molded parts, providing impressive functionality in minimal space, all manufactured to the most precise tolerances. And RAUMEDIC does not limit itself to thermoplastics and silicones. Metal components like ultra-fine wires and electronic components, combined and integrated with high-performance polymers as well, are the key features appearing today in the medical technology solutions of tomorrow.

Silicone Intelligence

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) pump segments are very commonly used in enteral nutrition or pain management applications. High dosage accuracy represents an important criterion for today´s medical devices, hence pump segments made out of silicone must fulfill tightest tolerances. “Silicone Intelligence Inside – made by RAUMEDIC” integrates several functions or design requirements such as connectors, fixing elements as well as pressure sensors and bubble detection areas in one single part, avoiding costly secondary operations. A combination of silicone and thermoplastic parts in one system is also possible.

Assembly possibilities

Tubing, tubing sets, catheters and other medical modules – RAUMEDIC provides a variety of efficient possibilities in assembly.

RAUMEDIC offers further processing of tubing and molded parts for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The modern machines and equipment cover all commonly used production technologies from “simple” tubing fixed lengths, tubing sets, catheters, to complete medical devices – sterile packaged and CE certified. For many years RAUMEDIC has been producing tubing sets tailored to the particular field of application.

RAUMEDIC is a one stop shop for medical-grade extrusion, injection molding and assembly and a partner for all stages of design, development, prototyping, sterilization, validation, product launch and serial production.


RAUMEDIC AG is a development partner and manufacturer of tubing, molded parts, catheters and components for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The company processes medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones at a total of four production sites in Germany and in the USA. Furthermore, the medical engineering company develops and produces high-precision pressure measurement systems with microchip technology for the indication areas of neuromonitoring, urology and traumatology.

With 60 years of experience in the fields of extrusion, injection molding and assembly, as well as the commitment of currently 680 employees worldwide, RAUMEDIC is optimally equipped to transform the ideas of its customers into well-engineered product solutions. Customer satisfaction and compliance with all relevant statutory and official requirements are the focus of RAUMEDIC’s conception of quality. The basis of this is a quality management system according to ISO 13485 and 108,000 f² (10,000 m²) of clean room production according to ISO 14644 (class 7).

You can find more information at: www.raumedic.com

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