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When it really matters.

maxon drives set the world in motion.

maxon is the worldwide leading provider of precision drive systems. For over 50 years, we have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality and innovation. As a result, our modular product range has constantly been expanded and now includes:

  • Brushless and brushed DC motors with ironless winding
  • Brushless flat motors with iron core up to 90 W
  • Planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads
  • Sensors
  • servo amplifiers, position controllers
  • High-tech CIM and MIM components
  • Customized drives
Worldwide, maxon has more than 2500 employees; production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, South Korea and the United States; and sales companies in more than 30 countries.

Numerous companies from various industries count on drive systems of maxon for their mission-critical applications. Our drive systems can be found wherever precision and reliability have top priority. For example in the following fields:

  • Medical technology
  • Industrial automation and robotics
  • Measuring and testing technology
  • Communication
  • Security technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer applications
A perfect drive solution in a few easy steps

DC brushed and brushless motors configurable online and ready for shipping in 11 working days.

Now even stronger, more efficient and with more combination options: There are new additions to the maxon family of X drive products. Several long and short versions of brushed DC motors (DCX), with higher torques and more power, have been added to the product range along with matching planetary gearheads.

In addition, maxon's brushless DC motor (ECX) line is also available with a larger variety of diameters, achieving speeds of up to 120,000 rpm. They run very smoothly and are highly efficient in standard or sterilizable versions (up to 2,000 autoclave cycles). Ideal for use in hand-held surgical tools and industrial spindles.

maxon's X drives are extremely powerful and are easily configured online. Customers can fit the drives with specific mechanical and electrical components specific to their application needs. It is possible to customize the shaft lengths, winding types, ball bearings and much more. When combined together with maxon encoders and planetary gearheads, you form a high-precision, robust drive system ideal for any application from aerospace to medical to robotics. In fact anywhere that requires a compact, powerful, quiet and strong drive system. In addition, detailed product data may be viewed immediately online and 3D CAD data for the configuration is available for downloading. - A site for technology enthusiasts is filled with stories about robots, Mars vehicles, and electro-mechanical prostheses. You can find blogs about energy efficiency in drives, selecting a suitable motor, and current trends. Readers are kept up to date on the latest developments in drive technology and are able to share their favorite articles with friends. Come and see for yourself!

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