Lumenous offers protective gowns for workforces of medical device companies

Lumenous now offers protective gowns for the workforces of medical device companies. The company started gown production in March, facilitating a volunteer ‘sewing army’ (donating gowns) and transitioned with reopening to industrial production.

The gowns are made from NATO's best water-repellent active wear fabric for field duty in bio/chem warfare situations, reported Todd Dickson, president of Lumenous. “Synthetic-natural fiber blend is super water-repellent but breathable for comfort all day,” he stated. “They are durable, reusable (washable), made in the US, sized to fit...comfort is protection.”

Lumenous continues to support a volunteer effort and is continuing to donate gowns to under-resourced organizations. Thousands of gowns have already been placed in hospitals and social work frontlines. The company has enough capacity to distribute to other essential workers, not only hospitals.

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