Take a look at our 2020 summary, a year full of challenging events, but we did it! We look forward to many new things in 2021

2020 was without a doubt an interesting year to say the least.  We want to thank all of our customers, vendors, and employees for their efforts and support through the year. Even in difficult times, we were able to come together and help each other out. We look forward to a great 2021 and want to continue working together and communicating to help all parties grow.

The impact of COVID-19 at HTI Plastics

Due to our industry's nature, HTI plastics was deemed an essential business, we are incredibly grateful to our employees for working tirelessly, allowing us to continue to meet the excellent standards our customers have come to expect from us.

2020 was a remarkable year for us all. When forced to face new challenges, some out of our control, our team was ready to find solutions thanks to good manufacturing practices previously implemented. With proper modifications for COVID measurement, we provided a COVID-safe work environment for our employees.

New Projects in 2020

Amid the pandemic, we took on several new projects ranging from COVID-related products to custom injection molded projects and new customers purchasing our proprietary lines of applicators, food packaging products, and Option Pak lids and containers.

When faced with face mask shortages, our engineers and toolmakers quickly designed and built a mold for an injection molded face mask. Once produced, these face masks were available to our employees and their families.

Review and Future goals from the Engineering Department

Like many organizations, this year was a challenge for engineering due to the COVID situation.  Much of the group worked off-site for two months while still moving forward on projects and mold sampling.  “We were able to keep things moving without significant interruptions to timelines,” said Chris Reed, Director of Engineering at HTI Plastics.

HTI was able to continue with 4 of our engineers going through the Plastics Technology and Engineering Certificate Program at the American Injection Molding Institute.

This new year, our focus will be on strengthening our projects' 'stage-gate' process to ensure that HTI meets customer timeline commitments and ensures a successful transition from engineering to production.

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