More Power in the Hand

MICROMO introduces the new FAULHABER 2668 … CR DC motor offering considerably more power than comparable drives. The 2668...CR is the most powerful copper‐graphite commutated DC motor in its size class on the market. Thanks to a bigger NdFeB magnet and a highFaulhaber 2668 CR DC Motor copper content in the winding, it supplies a rated torque of 70 mNm. As a result, it weighs just 189 g with a diameter of 26 mm. Furthermore, it reaches full power extremely quickly with its high pulse torque. The 2668…CR is thus especially well suited for professional high‐performance tools such as pruning shears or motorized screwdrivers.

The copper‐graphite brushes of the motor are characterized by their outstanding stability and low wear. The housing is made of coated steel. The motor can be combined with high‐resolution optical or magnetic encoders. As well as handheld devices, it is also suitable for many other applications such as in aerospace, robotics, medical technology, special machinery construction, metering systems and automation solutions.

MICROMO (FAULHABER Group) specializes in high‐precision, micro drive systems, servo components and drive electronics with output power of up to 200 watts. The product range includes brushless DC motors, brush DC motors, piezo motors, stepper motors, linear servo motors, gearheads, encoders and motion controllers. MICROMO offers custom design solutions for markets such as medical, aerospace, optics, robotics and semiconductor equipment.

MICROMO’s Application Engineers look beyond just components to offer optimal solutions for custom mechanical and electrical requirements. MICROMO’s seasoned team has the experience in the field to assist customers with choosing the correct component and system for unique motion control needs and to meet superior precision and reliability requirements.

Please contact the MICROMO Team for more information.

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