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Tube extruders are used to create complex cross-sections in tubing with a refined surface finish. For example, a tube prior to extrusion may have a round opening at its ends, but after it is moved through an extruder, it may have a trapezoidal or otherwise complex opening shape. Find qualified suppliers of extruders and related tube processing equipment in this medical device industr supplier directory.

Companies (4 results)

PLA Giken Co.,Ltd

Since 1977, we have designed and manufactured plastic extrusion equipment exclusively in-house for a wide range of industr...

Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions Inc.

Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions with headquarters in the Bavarian city of Ebersberg develop intellige...

Dr. Collin GmbH

Collin precision for medical technology and pharmacy For decades, numerous medical technology and pharmaceutical companies ha...


Extrusion, Injection moulding and tubing for medical use Medtech Markets Supplied: Worldwide.

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