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Diener Precision Pumps Ltd.

Diener Precision Pumps constructs, develops, and produces world class Precision Pumps for OEM fluid handling systems. We have a standard program of gear pumps, & piston pumps. The standard program represents only one possibility. All precision pumps are customized to suit the requirements of our customers.

Diener Precision Pumps is a privately owned engineering company run by engineers for engineers. We are an international family business and adhere to a long-term growth strategy. We exceed the highest standards of quality, performance and efficiency.

We have trusting relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers

World class gear pumps & piston pumps, customized to suit the requirements of our customers

  • We develop and produce innovative solutions and continuously improve existing gear pumps & piston pumps.
  • We are a part of customer’s development team
  • We support customer’s product life cycle from the beginning to the end
  • We believe in long term, trusting business relationships
  • We reinvest 100% of profits into employee training, equipment and R&D
Our precision pumps are manufactured to exact specifications for use in a wide range of industrial, medical, and food/beverage applications.

Precision pumps produced according to medical standards

  • We only use the finest quality materials
  • We set a high value in simple, elegant design
  • Our part tolerances are typically in micrometres, ensuring pump performance is consistent
  • We produce according to medical standard ISO 9001/ ISO 13485
  • We have a clean-room according to ISO Class 7
  • Our raw materials are 100% lot-traceable
  • All products are 100% tested prior to shipment (test results are included with each pump)
  • Our products and manufacturing processes follow continuous innovations
100 % our profits are reinvested in education, equipment, R&D

Precision pumps developed and produced based on a perfect balance of quality and costs

  • We develop our own manufacturing processes to reduce handling steps and improve workflow
  • We control quality to control costs
  • Together with our customers we define optimized gear pump & piston pump systems
  • The end result is a lower total cost of ownership for our customers
Diener Precision Pumps continuously develops new materials and construction principles

Gear Pumps & piston pumps developed to improve our customer’s competitive edge

  • All new products pass specific tests in our laboratories under “customer” conditions
  • Our development engineers cooperate closely with our product engineers
  • We optimize performance, long life and product quality with the lowest possible production costs of the required gear pumps & piston pumps.
  • Our product- and manufacturing technology is state-of-the-art
  • We design our products to improve our customers competitive edge in the marketplace
Prototypes and/or custom testing can usually be provided within days.

Gear Pumps & piston pumps designed specifically for your application

  • The engineers of Diener Precision Pumps are always available to answer start-up questions and assist with system troubleshooting.
  • All gear pumps & piston pumps are designed specifically for your application and are thoroughly engineered to ensure long life and trouble-free operation.
  • Diener Precision Pumps design unnecessary cost out of the products.
  • The part tolerances of Diener Precision Pumps are typically in micrometres, ensuring pump performance is consistent.
  • All gear pumps & piston pumps are manufactured to ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 standards and all raw materials are 100% lot-traceable.
  • All precision pumps, can be permanently laser-marked with the customer’s logo to ensure they maintain control of their aftermarket.
  • All gear pumps & piston pumps are 100% tested prior to shipment (test results are included with each pump).
  • Environmentally friendly packaging will protect your precision pumps all the way to your production floor

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