Testing of catheters, Luers, needles, syringes, guidewires and IV infusion now available at DDL West

DDL, Inc. announced it is now offering select medical device testing at its DDL West laboratory located in Irvine, CA. Testing of catheters, Luers, needles, syringes, guidewires and IV infusion sets is now available at this location. Previously, testing of these products was only available at DDL’s headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.

The DDL West laboratory recently relocated from Fountain Valley, CA to Irvine, CA.  The new facility more than doubles the lab space, which will increase DDL’s testing capacity and ability to grow to better meet its customers’ testing needs. The medical device testing being added is in addition to the package testing (ISO 11607) and ICH stability testing already being offered in this lab facility. Full product, materials and package testing capabilities continue to be offered at DDL’s headquarters.

“The addition of medical device testing to DDL West reflects our commitment to offering our customers the best testing experience possible,” said Corey Hensel, General Manager, DDL. “Having these additional testing services will allow us to provide faster turnaround and reduce development lead time and shorten product time-to-market for our medical device and pharmaceutical customers located in California and the surrounding region.”

The testing being added to DDL’s CA lab will utilize the following standards:

·         ISO 80369-6 – Medical connectors for neuraxial applications
·         ISO 80369-7 – Medical connectors for intravascular or hypodermic applications
·         ISO 10555 – Sterile and single-use catheters
·         ISO 9626 – Stainless steel needle tubing
·         ISO 7886 – Hypodermic syringe testing
·         ISO 8536 – Intravenous infusion set and accessory testing
·         ISO 11070 – Introducer and guidewire testing

For more information on these tests, or to receive a quote, please contact Levi Loesch, DDL Product & Materials Engineer at 952-283-2056 or [email protected].

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