Based on their best selling vertical sealer, the PW3000, the new PW3300 TOSS TouchScreen model is now available in 12", 16" & 24". With all the features required in today's validatable medical sealers.

Resistance Control) November 7, 2013

PackworldUSA, Nazareth, PA announced additions to the robust line of Medical Heat Sealers. TOSS Touchscreen HMI controls and Alarms are standard on the PW3300 Vertical Sealer, PW3400 Horizontal Sealer, PW4400 Horizontal/Vertical Sealer and PW5400 Pass-through Heat Sealer all with Validatable TOSS Technology for precision temperature control without the use of thermocouples.  Ideal for the sealing of medical pouches, Tyvek, LDPE, polyethylene, foils, PTFE and films.   Most models have optional vacuum/purge and sealing/cutting capability.

The TOSS Touchscreen with VRC (Variable Resistance Control) includes recipe storage, multi-point calibration, resettable seal count and machine count, Data Acquisition, VNC Ready, graphical temperature display, alarm diagnostics, password protection, multiple languages and features the “Watchdog” monitoring, which checks temperature outside of the control system.

Validation is easier than ever through the menu driven single touch process.  AUTOCAL (featured on all PackworldUSA sealers) guarantees precision from band to band without having to position thermocouples or recertification of equipment. Perfect for use in Clean Rooms, Medical Device Facilities, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Aerospace, the TOSS  Touchscreen is also suitable for High Temperature applications up to 500◦C.

With the all-stainless steel housings and optional stands, the TOSS Touchscreens are available in 12", 16” 24”, 36”, 48” & 60”. CE and ISO11607, cGMP compliant.  Easy calibration procedures and validation guides included.

PackworldUSA, with three decades of experience in the technology of precision heat sealing, is dedicated to the production of  durable Heatsealing Devices that employ the advanced TOSS VRC Technology.   A complete line of Stainless Steel precision sealers is offered, including floor models up to 72” long and platen presses up to 24”x 44” platen size.

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