Valtronic attends the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO® exhibition

Solon, Ohio — March 2016 – Valtronic, innovator and manufacturer of miniaturized electronic products for trusted medical device partners, attended the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO® exhibition this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center and invested in new JUKI equipment for it’s Solon, Ohio based location.

In addition to learning more about industry highlights and new technologies during the IPC APEX show, Valtronic focused its strategy at the exhibition for investment opportunities in new equipment to duplicate its other JUKI SMT line. In addition, the team was considering other equipment that will benefit the company in technology upgrades. The company was searching for innovative, quality machines at competitive prices to continue furthering its mission of providing advanced microelectronics to customers.

On Thursday, March 17, Valtronic purchased the TR6DNR-D Matrix Tray Changer from Juki Automation Systems, along with additional tape feeders. The company will use the tray changer to duplicate its second JUKI SMT Line, enabling Valtronic to run various products, allowing various feeders and overall efficiency to the production line.

Juki’s Matrix tray changers are part of a modular product line that can be matched to customers’ exact requirements, providing the optimum combination of productivity, flexibility and reliability with the lowest cost of ownership. The TR-6 is equipped with a dual shuttle that brings the components to the head for picking. The big advantage of this system is that no feeder space is lost. Components with a minimum flat surface of 5 x 5 mm can be picked with a vacuum nozzle. Other rectangular components such as BGA, FBGA and connectors with a minimum outline of 17 x 17 mm will be handled mechanically.


About Valtronic
We innovate and manufacture miniaturized electronic products for our trusted medical device partners. We design, develop and produce integrated microelectronics. Our customers are leading global suppliers of medical implants and devices, diagnostic imaging equipment and sensitive aerospace and industrial assemblies. For more than 30 years we have helped hundreds of companies develop and produce Class II & III medical devices and advanced miniaturized electronic assemblies.