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January 30, 2015 – Valtronic develops partnerships built on the creation of innovative ideas, technology, and positive outcomes for all. That is why, when Perry Jeter Jr., CEO of JetFuel Technologies was introduced to Valtronic, a strategic partnership was born.

Perry Jeter Jr., a Steubenville high school graduate and past Glenville State College linebacker, is also the son of Mildred Jeter and past NFL running back, Perry Jeter. Known as the “Jet”, Jeter’s father played for the Chicago Bears during the 1956 and 1957 National Football League seasons. Unfortunately,today Jeter is dealing with the complications of direct brain injuries, resulting in Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As his father is a member of the National Football League Player Association (NFLPA), JetFuel a licensing holder of the NFLPA, and associated with many other sports organizations, Perry Jeter Jr. is taking his fathers legacy to the playing field, that is in sports wearable’s.

JetFuel Technologies was born on the cusp of Perry Jeter Jr.’s fathers Alzheimer's and Dementia, as he was working with Neurologist across the United States for treatment. His efforts have established JetStick, an injury mitigation system designed to collect data.Patent pending JetStickis using My Coach Connection, assist in the placing of data sets into open sources, mining the data and extracting precise statistics. The signification data analytics design makes JetStick™ more then just an innovative product.

Valtronic, miniaturized electronics manufacturer, has offered the project experienced engineering design and quality manufacturing from its Solon, Ohio facility. The engineering team has designed and prototyped JetStick directly into a football helmet to provide real-time statistical data. Valtronic has also taken the project one step further with the ability to transfer secure physiological data (known as Compendium). Compendium, a secure implant and physiological data transfer platform will allow JetStick to securely transfer players data to device, cloud, physician, coach or trainer.

The platform will also ensure that data is not mixed up with other players.For more information on Compendium, click here.

As traumatic brain injuries have increased the media spotlight on concussions and the long-term effects that they can cause, we take this opportunity to announce a strategic partnership between JetFuel Technologies and Valtronic. “By working together, we can produce a next generation wearable device that will impact and assist in the precautionary efforts of reducing brain injuries among athletes” says, Jim Ohneck, Chief Marketing Officer at Valtronic.

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