Valtronic announces a new Corporate Business Development team.

Les Charbonnières, Switzerland — March 13, 2015 – Valtronic, manufacturer of miniaturized electronic products for trusted medical device partners, announces new Corporate Business Development team. Funded by the Valtronic Holding company, the team will work to secure business for Valtronic but will also offer the opportunity to expand in research and development, intellectual property evaluation, product development and will leverage it’s global identity in other markets. “Our commitment is still focused on our customers and the nurturing of new business. The decision to expand in business development is not only to secure business for Valtronic globally, but to make our mark as leaders in the industry, focused on our vision, “to be the worldwide recognized partner for innovative personal healthcare devices” says, Valtronic’s CEO, Martin Zimmermann.

Valtronic Holding is building a long-term proprietary portfolio of innovative medical device technologies with a unique business model for long-term value creation: invention or in-licensing, adding value through an innovative development strategy and implementation, and partnering to maximize the commercialization potential.These projects will not compete with Valtronic’s existing customers.

Björn Peters, Corporate Business Development Officer located in the Swiss Office, will head Valtronic’s Business Development team. Björn joined Valtronic’s Executive Management team at the end of 2014 from his previous position as Director of Corporate Business Development at Shire Pharmaceuticals.  Björn has extensive experience in licensing, M&A, investments and divestments in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry and has been pivotal in numerous transactions across various therapeutic areas.

Jim Ohneck, formally Chief Marketing Officer, located in the U.S. office will take the role of Head of Technology Licensing. Jim has over fifteen years with Valtronic and a background in product management, international sales and executive marketing management bringing over thirty years’ experience in the medical device industry.

Albrecht Lepple-Wienhues, located in the Swiss Office will serve as Director of Development and Biomedical Engineering. He is a MD university professor of physiology. Previously he founded and managed a startup developing and marketing a pharmaceutical screening robot. Before his industry career he spent two decades doing research on cellular electrophysiology preceded by clinical practice in general surgery.

The fully integrated team of scientific, technical and business experts are focused on building a strategic partnership to take projects to the next level. With proven experience and capabilities to ensure needs are met as an inventor, researcher, start-up, or investment partner, the Business Development team will add value by providing services focused on in/out licensing of proprietary technologies, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and co-investments.

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We innovate and manufacture miniaturized electronic products for our trusted medical device partners. We produce integrated electronic and mechanical products. Our customers are leading global suppliers of medical implants and devices, diagnostic imaging equipment and sensitive aerospace and industrial assemblies. For over 30 years we have helped hundreds of companies develop and produce Class II & III medical devices and advanced miniaturized electronic assemblies.