Trademark Plastics partners with Zeiss Industrial Metrology to deliver 3D X-Ray Measurement capabilities for Quality Assurance for its clients.

Trademark Plastics, Inc. (TPI) is an innovative LEAN manufacturer of medical components that specializes in custom injection molding. Partnering with Zeiss, the world’s leading manufacturer of multidimensional metrology solutions, TPI has incorporated Zeiss’s METROTOM 800 (CT) as the latest in quality assurance technology to perform measuring and inspection functions. The Zeiss METROTOM is an industrial computed tomography system for measuring and inspecting complete components made of plastic or light metal. This investment will allow TPI’s customers to take advantage of:

  • Better inspections. The 3K detector of the METROTOM 800 generates 3D volume data sets with higher resolution allowing for better measurements for enhanced precision and clearer inspections for quality. With traditional measuring technology, hidden structures can only be inspected after the time-and cost-consuming process of destroying the component layer-by-layer.
  • Faster turnarounds. With a reduced scan time of up to 75% and the ability to scan multiple components in one run, this investment allows TPI’s customers to enjoy the benefits of compressed production schedules and increased efficiency.

TPI’s Chief Operating Officer, Bryan Barrera, explained the importance of this investment to their clients, “Per our customers, we are already fast and efficient in regard to validation timelines. There is always room for improvement, and in our quest to become the leading plastic component manufacturer for the top Medical Device OEMs in the world, we need this machine to continue to mitigate risks in switching costs and maintaining the integrity of the molded parts. A lot of manufacturers claim they are innovative. I want this investment to represent a significant stepping stone we have laid on our path toward becoming the most innovative and sought-after injection molder in the world.”

Zeiss is proud to partner with TPI and explained how their technology helps TPI’s clients, “ZEISS METROTOM 800 is the perfect fit when it comes to inspecting internal and external dimensional measurements, as well as defect and structural analysis of plastic parts, light metal castings or multi-material components. There is no longer a need for multiple setups and inspection tools when inspecting a first article. The ZEISS METROTOM series of X-Ray systems have the ability to generate full 3-dimensional inspection and analysis plans with one scan, in a matter of minutes. Multiple parts can also be scanned simultaneously to further improve efficiency.”

This investment provides TPI clients the confidence of high levels of quality assurance without destructive testing and the added time this often brings into a production schedule. For example, in conventional inspection the destruction of the testing device is a standard process and involves slicing cross sections of the product to be inspected optically. In addition to the time required, destructive inspections are always incomplete. Only those defects which appear on the cut surfaces are spotted and defects in the areas in between the sections can remain hidden. The METROTOM provides the ability to create a complete 3D differentiated color rendition to allow all sections of the product to be inspected very quickly. These enhanced capabilities combined with TPI’s commitment to service will enable TPI to deliver on its vision of becoming the most innovative and sought-after injection molding partner in the world.