LOUISVILLE, KY — Thermex-Thermatron Systems (“Thermex”) strengthens its position as the leader in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) technology arena with the acquisition of Jacksonville, Florida-based JTE Machines. Thermex-Thermatron is a proven industry force in manufacturing high-power industrial RF and MW Systems for heating dielectric materials. JTE’s position as an innovative engineering, design, and automation firm for RF and other forms of material sealing is well known throughout the industry.

Notably, JTE Machines use of cutting-edge technology aligning with Thermex's drive to improve production, creates a powerful alliance. JTE Machines designs, engineers, and manufactures sealers (radio frequency, impulse, and ultrasonic), while specializing in the automation within a production cell. JTE also serves as the North American distributor for internationally recognized FIAB RF Traveling Welders which are heavily used in the industrial fabric industry, and European-based Oteman, a leader in industrial cutting machines. This exciting acquisition further extends Thermex and JTE global roots to many well-known customers.

Thermex is very excited to welcome Jens and Traci Evling and several members of the JTE team to build the next chapter together. Thermex commends Jens’ reputation as one of the few expert RF welding engineers in North America and Traci’s ability to create strength in new markets from medical products, to belt welders and personal protective equipment. Jens’ new role on the Thermex team will be as Electro-Mechanical Engineer Director, with Traci Evling named as the company’s new Director of Business Development. Additionally, several other JTE employees will be joining Thermex-Thermatron which will further enhance the company’s engineering, manufacturing, and service offerings.

Jens and Traci along with their JTE team are looking forward to combining resources with Thermex-Thermatron and are ready to help Thermex take innovation and automation of RF and Microwave equipment to new levels.“I can’t think of a better next step for the team and for our customers. With the history and rock-solid operations of the Thermex-Thermatron team, combined with the unwavering commitment to quality and innovation of the JTE team, we will be a force that is unstoppable.” predicts Traci Evling.

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For over 80 years, Thermex-Thermatron Systems remains a trusted developer and manufacturer of industrial microwave, radio frequency, and thermal heating equipment, including batch ovens, generators, presses, heat sealers, welders, and other custom engineered systems. The company also provides extensive services to help manufacturers throughout the world get the most from microwave, radio frequency, and thermal technology. Please visit our new website for more information at Thermex-Thermatron.com.

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