ThermaPress is the newest addition to the Thermex Thermatron line of heat sealing systems. This thermal press system is designed for welding, sealing, and bonding thermoplastic materials not compatible with radio frequency (RF) or are too large for sonic welding processes. ThermaPress technology is ideal for bonding dissimilar materials such as polyolefins to nonwovens. Precise control of time, temperature, and pressure ensure consistent results.

ThermaPress offers several options including automatic material handling for convenience and precision indexing and cutting to minimize material waste. A unwind station is also available which alerts the operator when the material supply is low. The unwind station features reserve roll capacity to facilitate rapid changeover of material for uninterrupted production. About Thermex Thermatron, LP

Thermex Thermatron, LP is a premier developer, builder, and manufacturer of high power industrial systems for heating dielectric materials for both radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) applications. With over 70 years of experience, they are experts in commercializing new applications and enhancing existing processes. For more information on the systems and services they provide, visit