WATERTOWN, MA: TechDevice, a developer and manufacturer of balloons, catheters, guidewires, and components, has expanded its grinding capabilities and capacity with the recent investment and focus on precision grinding. The new systems feature CAM technology as well as complementary advanced technology for profilometry analysis for surface measurement which promotes efficiency, quality, and consistency for prototyping and engineering.  

“Now, many more grinding options are possible, and delivered faster, whether it’s for a core only job, or as part of a finished guidewire project,” says Michael Brown, vice president of operations. “In addition, our focus in this area provides TechDevice with a stellar platform for manufacturing many component types that require tight toleranced grinding, which also expedites the development process and controls costs for our customers.”

Single/multi-tapered grinds, profile grinds, as well as custom shapes and configurations are available upon request. Also, nitinol components will be a specialized focus in addition to a variety of stainless steel materials.  

For more information, please contact us at 617-972-5800 or [email protected].