Bemis Healthcare Packaging develops a scientific way to predict a drug’s interaction with the sealant layer of the packaging material.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Jan 29, 2015 – Bemis Healthcare Packaging has developed a scientific way to predict a drug’s interaction with the sealant layer of the packaging material. “When Ineos first made their announcement that they were closing down the production of Barex, every converter in the marketplace released trade announcements that they had an alternative sealant”, said Georgia Mohr, Marketing Director-Pharmaceuticals, Bemis Healthcare Packaging. “But what customers found when they started to assess what was available, was typically a single packaging solution, regardless of the drug being packaged. You won’t find that approach at Bemis.”

The Confluence of Science

Bemis has brought together our leading scientists in Chemical, Material and Package Engineering to design a family of sealant technologies, engineered to meet the demanding requirements for transdermal patches. Our scientists have taken a theoretical, analytical and practical application approach to understanding the solubility and diffusion characteristics of drugs. Through advanced modeling techniques, we have developed an understanding of how drugs interact with a sealant layer of a film, and we can now confidently recommend a one-to-one solution for your specific transdermal drug application.

Our technology family covers the full range of transdermal patch packaging options, including paper, foil, child resistant, high chemical resistant and low drug uptake laminations. A variety of sealant options are available, including our latest market introduction, CXB™, which has shown to be a great alternative for a multitude of challenging drug protection applications, especially nicotine.

Take the guesswork out of finding an alternative to Barex. Work with the company that can scientifically demonstrate to you what sealant layer is correct for your drug. Work with the leader in science inspired packaging solutions, Bemis.

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