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Taikone Technology Inc

Taikone Technologies Pacific Inc.established in Sep. 27th 2004. Located at Suifengnian Industrial Park, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, near by Humen.

Our products are:sponge、non latex sponge、make up sponge、beauty sponge、bath sponge、hydrophilic sponges、body sponge、special sponge、compact sponge、pu insoles、shrek sponge、pu sponges、wedges、make up wedges、beauty blender、polyurethane、hydrophilic。

Taikone is a wholly owned foreign enterprise with stream-line business model that combines research, product development, and manufacturing in one location. Our company objective is to develop innovative products for both better living and improve environmental friendly. For the beginning of this venture, we have devoted major investments in imported equipments and technologies from the United States to enable us to...

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