Now available to fulfill FDA compliance dates for UDI requirements

The Supersealer MBS medical band sealer, is our flagship sealer for the medical industry. We have partnered with Code Tech and Keyence to fulfill FDA compliance dates for UDI requirements.

The Supersealer MBS runs continuously, it is not an intermittent motion sealer. OK Sealer has developed a package that integrates a UDI Thermal Ink Jet coder with the sealer, along with a Keyence Reader. All of these components are run through one HMI. Our process is continuous therefore sealing and coding is done in one step.

The Supersealer MBS is a rotary band sealer designed to meet ISO11607-2, ISO13485, ISO9001 and EN868 standard requirements for the medical industry. The sealer continuously seals a wide range of medical packaging materials including Plastic, Tyvek, Mylar, Pet, Coated Tyvek, paper and plastic, laminated foil and metalized foil bags.

The sealer is manufactured in stainless steel and all its interior parts are stainless steel or anodized aluminum. There are exterior calibration ports for air pressure and heat.

The Supersealer MBS has the most advanced monitoring package on the market. We now monitor the heaters and coolers with electronic pressure regulator with analog input. We have sensors for wrinkles and band breaks. Latest feature to the sealer, we now added a sensor to monitor if the bag is straight or crooked with a reject station at the exit end of the sealer.

The HMI can hold up to 6 recipes. When you push a button all parameters change such as heat, speed, air pressure and height, so you are ready to run your pouch in a matter of minutes. These are some of the aspects of the Supersealer MBS that makes it the most superior medical sealer on the market today.



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