J-Pac Medical CEO Jeff Barrett discusses the company's focuses and market trends.

“When outsourcing manufacturing you need a partner that you can trust. You need to be able to sleep at night and know that you are going to get the highest quality product on time. That is why people come to J-Pac - because they trust us. We have the experience and expertise to do it right. We have the operations capabilities to execute and do it perfectly. Those three things together are why our customers should come to us. Perfect quality, complex devices, delivered on time and in partnership.”- Jeff Barrett

CEOCFO: Mr. Barrett, what is the focus at J-Pac Medical?

Mr. Barrett: We are a manufacturing outsourcing partner for OEM medical device companies. We have different segments of the business, all centering around the single-use sterile device market.


CEOCFO: What are some of the challenges in the market and in creating a product that is high quality?

Mr. Barrett: There are two major challenges. First, there is a tremendous push to outsource manufacturing because these large OEM medical device companies are under significant pressure to have more innovation and customer focus at a lower cost. Thus, they are quickly realizing that manufacturing is best left to others while they focus on product development and sales.

Second, successful medical device companies need to be a lot more flexible than they have in the past. This includes making product changes or being flexible with delivery. They need to achieve this while minimizing internal infrastructure requirements that can be very costly and can become outdated as products change. That is where companies like us come in because we enable them to focus on customers while we focus on manufacturing.


There is significant pressure to reduce costs across the whole supply chain. The regulatory complexity continues to grow so medical device OEMs are looking to companies like J-Pac to focus on quality and cost. Similarly, manufacturing outsourcing partners have to bear more risk in today’s regulatory environment. One example of this is that J-Pac is one of only a handful of companies with expertise in implantable textiles. These biomaterials are implanted into tissue as a permanent repair system for the body or can be bioabsorbable, where they are actually absorbed by the body over time. A common application of this is hernia repair. These products are particularly challenging because of the regulatory risk if something goes wrong. We are extremely confident in our ability to manufacture these devices and have a flawless history of doing so.