The SIGMA LS Laser Micromachining Subsystem is a laser-integrated micromachining module  designed for versatility and straightforward integration.  Like AMADA WELD TECH’s full-size Delta and SIGMA Laser Micromachining Systems, the SIGMA LS subsystem provides processing solutions for a broad range of laser micromachining applications, such as precision laser ablation and selective ablation, drilling, surface texturing, and marking.  The small form factor and integration-ready design makes the SIGMA LS the perfect solution for machine builders and system integrators, as well as for many contract manufacturers, job shops, or R&D labs.

The SIGMA LS Laser Micromachining Subsystem is offered with a range of femtosecond laser options to meet the needs of nearly any micromachining application.  Femtosecond lasers provide the best material removal quality, with minimal-to-no thermal defects, and the highest degree of process stability and precision.  With options in IR and green wavelengths, femtosecond lasers provide the optimal processing capability for nearly any material, including metals and metal alloys, polymers, ceramics, and glasses.  Galvanometer scan heads deliver the laser beam to the work piece with speed and accuracy to ensure stable, high-throughput processing.  The easy-access control panel provides communications with a range of common industrial control systems.

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