Fox River Associates celebrates 30 years in business

Geneva, IL, September 1, 2020 - Fox River Associates has been meeting customer needs for release liners for 30 years. While working in the release liner industry for many years, Duncan Wall saw that large release liner manufacturers were not servicing smaller companies. With the goal of paying attention to these smaller niche companies, Fox River Associates was formed in 1990. Today, many of the early customers are still doing business with Fox River Associates today.

In the early years, the idea of supplying smaller companies was considered disruptive in the industry, and so there was little competition. Fox River Associates created partnerships with world class manufacturers and invested capital to carry inventory to match the needs of the customer base. By supporting this niche customer base and the wide variety of market applications they serve, Fox River Associates created long-term relationships that were founded on partnership, cooperation, and mutual respect.

“People make our business work,” says Duncan Wall, Fox River Associates Founder and President. “Our customers, suppliers, converting partners and especially our internal team – we work with the best in the industry and that is cornerstone to our past successes and continued growth outlook,” he added.

About Fox River Associates

Fox River Associates, LLC was incorporated in January 1990 with the simple concept of providing an alternative to large release liner suppliers and offering small quantities of specialized paper and filmic substrates. From a staff of one, to a team of associates and partners throughout the US, Fox River Associates is now known for their high-quality release liner products and expertise in problem solving and engineering solutions.