CI Medical, Inc. has developed a specialized radiopaque ink printing technology that, when used on medical devices, allows surgeons to track and/or read those devices after they have been implanted within a patient’s body. The technology, which has been steadily developed over a number of years, is now being used by several major medical OEM’s on both temporary and permanently implantable devices.

Norton, MA…..CI Medical, Inc., specialist  in medical imprinting technology, ( has announced the immediate availability of an exclusive Radiopaque ink for use on medical implantable devices.  Radiopaque ink, coupled with fluoroscopy, enables surgeons complete visibility of marked medical devices implanted beneath the skin or deep within the body.  Such “x-ray vision” may be required by surgeons for purposes such as proper device positioning and device identification.  Implantable devices already utilizing radiopaque ink technology by CI Medical include pacemakers and chemotherapy ports, as well as tubes, fabrics and polypropylene sheets used in stentless and/or spinal procedures. 

For more than 5 years, CI Medical, Inc. has been partnering with such major medical OEM’s as Boston Scientific, St. Jude and Medcomp to customize medical devices requiring these advanced radiopaque ink markings.   Radiopaque has been successfully developed for use on a broad list of substrate materials, including, most recently, silicone.   For more information on Radiopaque ink, visit  or contact Bruce Mahan, Engineering Manager, at (800) 666-4016.

CI Medical, Inc. provides critical printing / marking / labeling services to Medical Device Manufacturers.   Established in 1985, CI Medical is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified, pad printing company in the U.S. catering exclusively to the marking needs of the medical device industry. 

Working as Supplier Partners with medical device engineers at the embryonic stages of new product design, CI Medical can provide a full range of creative problem solving techniques. CI Medical's volume market ranges from the prototype through full production runs into the millions.