Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of four new multi-cavity channel clips (#12536 - #12539) to their line, in stock and ready for immediate delivery.  Equipped with a unique slit which is designed to retain guide wires, these channel clips help to hold a wire in place when not in use. Three of these clips have two, 0.144 inch channels (#12537 - #12539), while the other (#12536) has two, 0.142 inch channels; all with different size slits to accommodate a variety of guide wires.  Made from a soft, TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) material, these channel clips are flexible, allowing for easy attachment to a dispensing tube.  Recommended for ETO or Gamma sterilization, these new channel clips are Latex-Free as well as REACH and RoHS compliant.  Qosina offers a variety of guide wire accessories and dispensing tubes, along with thousands of stock components to help complete your design. Call or log on to Qosina.com to request samples or place an order.