Qosina is pleased to announce 2 new tuohy borst adapters. One adapter features a female luer lock side port connector (#80460), while the other has a 6 inch DEHP-Free PVC side port tube to a female luer lock connector (#80461). Both tuohy borst adapters are available to fit 0 – 9 French guidewires and have a proprietary tri-cut silicone valve technology which provides a leak proof seal. Made of a polycarbonate body and cap, it takes less than 3 rotations to seal the valve, providing rapid engagement of the seal and prevents hand fatigue. The wide cap design is preferred for its ease of use and also has a stop mechanism which prevents it from separating from the body when fully opened. These adapters feature a COPE swivel male luer lock which minimizes tubing kinks and have a lower profile than a typical valve. Qosina offers a variety of caps, syringes, tuohy borst adapters, hemostasis valves and guide wire accessories for you to complete your project. Call or log on to Qosina.com to request samples or place an order.