A dedicated facility to Create for Others.

HUDSON, WI, December 18 – Preco MPC is proud to announce the rededication of our Hudson, Wisconsin plant as a medically focused manufacturing facility. Our history as a premier equipment manufacturer positioned us well to fill a need our OEM customers had, to complement our equipment expertise with contract manufacturing expertise.

In a strategic move, we have completed moving all of our nonmedical production to our Somerset, WI plant, to better support our customers’ needs. This move allowed us to make room for two additional cleanrooms and dedicated production and assembly line areas for our customers with high-volume demands.

Traditionally, it is thought that laser cutting was a slower process to rotary cutting. As experts in the area of laser converting, that tradition has become a myth. Our core competence bridges edge quality, minimum scrap and intricate precision laser cutting with multi-layer, high throughput rotary processing, resulting in a winning manufacturing combination that sets us apart from other converters.

Presently, Preco MPC participates in the advanced wound care, patient care, personal care, wearable sensors, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip and food safety devices. We are excited about our promising future being built and ask – What can we create for you?

For more information, please contact your Preco sales representative or visit our website at http://www.precoinc.com/medical