PLI-VALV® Degassing Valves and Vents The ideal solution for venting and degassing a range of flexible and rigid packaging. With billions used worldwide, PLI-VALV®  one-way degassing valve technology has been proven to  effectively release internal gas build-up while sealing-out environmental oxygen, moisture, and contaminants. PLI-VALV® vent technology allows for air evacuation required for packaging and palletizing.

Packaging applications:

Products requiring air evacuation
Products that off gas
Vitamin packaging
Chemical packaging
Coffee packaging
Pet food packaging
Products with yeast  


Pressure sensitive adhesion, no heat-sealing required
Transparent and metalized materials
Conformability to contoured surfaces
Optional integrated filter
Optional FDA 21 CFR 175.105 compliant materials  


Reliable degassing and venting performance
Blends with package graphics
Easy external application
Reduces package bricking
Reduces head space when palletizing
Ideal for high speed application
Suitable for indirect food contact

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