Sandvik Bioline’s Sandvik Palm Coast (SPC) location is pleased to announce that SPC has extended its production capability for medical wire to include enhanced versions of PTFE coatings through using  proprietary processes that result in better – Dielectric, Adhesion,  Aging, and Lubricity properties.   SPC works with  Medical Device Manufacturers on “PFOA Free”  versions of  PTFE coatings for Sandvik Bioline® Stainless Steel and other Medical Grade wires. This new, high quality, coating for Sandvik Bioline wire can be applied in thicknesses from 0.00005” (0.00127mm) to .0005” (.0127mm), to wires from 0.001” (0.025mm) up to 0.062” (1.574mm) diameter , and is available reel to reel, or cut to length.

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