2012 began with the rocky start predicted for the US hospital industry, but hospital executives are optimistic regarding the prospects for the rest of the year.

Sample Data from this Report:

  • Half of the 100 executives indicated that the revenues and profits for their facility/system fell short of their budget/expectations in Q1 2012, as a combination of cyclical and systemic factors continue to strain resources.
  • However, over 70% expect financial performance to be better in Q2 2012 than in Q2 2011, and they point to cost cutting and productivity measures that have been put in place over the past year as key drivers for this turnaround.
  • In particular, less than 15% of hospitals/networks expect staff cuts in 2012, a sign that most executives believe that the US hospital industry may possibly have turned the corner into full recovery.

ITG’s HOSPITAL EXECUTIVES is a syndicated report series based on the feedback from 100 executives currently employed at US hospitals. These quarterly reports track a wide variety of important trends and metrics, and will become an invaluable guide in supporting your team’s discussions with hospital leadership as strategic and budgetary decisions are made in 2012. Armed with HOSPITAL EXECUTIVES, your sales team, product managers, and executives can become true partners by helping hospitals to navigate challenging economic conditions and to develop innovative strategies for overcoming budget constraints. Furthermore, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how GPO policies, reimbursement trends, and changing governmental regulations are likely to affect hospital purchasing plans, market dynamics, and your business.