Enables residue-free, damage free, removal of polymers and other fine-wire insulation down to AWG 60 gauge.

Demand for ultra-fine wires in medical devices and other demanding applications is rapidly increasing. Stripping by mechanical and chemical means requires skilled operators and yields inconsistent quality, along with hazardous waste. While CO2 and UV-YAG lasers are commonly used for such purposes, neither ablate the range of insulator materials, including polymers, as cleaning, efficiently and precisely as that of UV excimer lasers.

Optec Laser Systems has released the first compact, excimer laser wire stripping workstation specifically designed for fine-wires. The ECHO 360, with its propriety “Echo” technology, strips, separates and/or cuts wires as fine as AWG 60 gauge, without handling or rotation of the wire. The deep-UV (193 nm and 248 nm) excimer wavelengths are absorbed more readily by a wider variety of insulator materials than longer wavelength lasers for residuefree insulator removal without damaging the wire conductor, in most instances.

The Echo 360 can be configured for reel-to-reel or reel-to-cut stripping and multi-filar separation. Intuitive software control, on-board diagnostics and a touchscreen display insure consistent quality with minimal training and maintenance.

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