2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Nelson Laboratories’ founding. A world leader in the medical device testing industry, Nelson Labs is a microbiology testing and consulting services organization serving medical device, pharmaceutical, tissue, and life science industries from their headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Salt Lake City, UT October 1, 2015 - Since 1985, Nelson Laboratories has partnered with the best companies in the world to improve the quality of life by helping medical device and life science manufacturers bring life-enhancing products to market.

Established on October 1, 1985 by Dr. Jerry R. Nelson and Lynda S. Nelson, Nelson Laboratories began in a humble 2,200 square foot lab at the University of Utah’s Research Park. Five employees strong and offering 40 microbiology tests performed on refurbished lab equipment, Nelson Labs was founded on principals of quality science and customer focus. The enactment of the Medical Device Amendments nine years earlier, in 1976, ushered in the modern era of medical device regulation, and ultimately gave rise to Nelson Laboratories. After serving as lab director at the University of Utah, and a stint working with a start-up lab, Dr. Nelson and Lynda recognized an opportunity in the microbiology testing of medical devices; they mortgaged their home to start the business and meet the industry’s testing needs.

Nelson Laboratories shares a proud history with those in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and tissue industries as they have tested many of the innovative medical products on the market today to ensure they perform safely and effectively. The advancements in medical technology over the last 30 years are breathtaking. From the introduction of the first Jarvik artificial heart in December 1982, to the first coronary stents approved in 1994, to rapid innovations in the use of human cells and gene therapies that allow scientists to grow organs in Petri dishes today. These technologies have revolutionized how the medical industry treats complex diseases and disorders to alleviate patient pain and suffering. Improving the quality of life has been an obvious outcome of these marvelous products. Yet, the last 30 years are merely the foundation for greater medical technology innovation.

Nelson Laboratories’ President and CEO, Jeffery R. Nelson, notes that continuous advancements will be a landmark of the next 30 years at Nelson Labs and within the medical technology industry at large.

"If a glimpse of the past 30 years is any prediction of the future – we are very optimistic. At Nelson Laboratories we are developing new test methods to ensure product safety and efficacy because we understand that Every Test Matters. We are collaborating with clients to help them overcome their unique product and regulatory hurdles. We are investing in new services, equipment, and facilities; expanding our footprint to localize our services, and developing our talent pool to continue providing the industry’s best expertise and service."

With integrity and expertise Nelson Labs works to find solutions to meet evolving client needs and to advance the way they perform testing. In 2015 alone, Nelson Labs has opened a dedicated analytical chemistry lab, entered a sales support relationship with MedNet for improved service to their European, Israeli, and Turkish clients, and are leading the industry in developing in vitro testing alternatives to reduce or eliminate in vivo animal testing.

Today Nelson Labs has more than 530 exceptional employees who provide a wide range of testing, consulting, and validation services to clients worldwide. Over the years Nelson Labs has established a world-class 128,400 square foot facility and a rich tradition of quality, service, and trust. Jeffery Nelson, who now owns the company and has served as CEO since 2006, notes, “My parents established a legacy of integrity, quality, and service at Nelson Labs and we will always maintain our commitment to these values. I am honored to lead a team that understands why these values matter, and how to live and work according to this standard every day. Our team knows that Every Test Matters when it comes to improving the quality of life.”

While serving 4,000 clients in over 52 countries, Nelson Labs’ scientific community also actively participates on over 45 working groups and committees, including the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) among others. Through their involvement with these committees, Nelson Labs helps ensure medical devices are tested properly which ultimately means greater patient safety.

About Nelson Laboratories: Established in 1985, Nelson Laboratories is a leading provider of microbiology testing and consulting services for MedTech companies. We know that every test matters and requires solutions that improve patient outcomes and minimize client risk. We call it “The Science of Success®.” It means working with clients to solve complex problems, providing precise test results, and delivering value through superior testing solutions and service to ensure the safety and efficacy of every product. Learn more at www.nelsonlabs.com.

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