Minco introduces the TS22545 Series Thermistor Bolt Sensor

Minneapolis, MN, May 2017 – Minco, a leading provider of temperature control systems, introduces the TS22545 Series Thermistor Bolt Sensor. These sensitive, accurate sensors eliminate the need for multi-step sensor assembly. They are typically used in PCR process control and incubation applications and are very stable, accurate, reliable, and consistent over the life of the component. Available in either high-strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel or fast-responding aluminum, they are ideal for monitoring ambient air temperature, controlling heatsink temperature, or maintaining correct temperature for reagent storage.

Being fully assembled, the sensors simplify manufacturing and reduce the risk of damage to the sensor in the assembly process. The bolt threads easily into a drilled, tapped hole, and the lead wire connector attaches quickly and securely to system electronics.

Relative to other thermistor sensor products on the market, the TS22545 Series can tolerate and control higher temperatures, measure with greater accuracy, and offer a wider variety of standard configuration options.

Standard configuration options include:

  • Six bolt sizes, ranging from M4x0.7 to 1/4 20-UNC
  • Three standard sensing elements: 2252 ohms, 10,000 ohms, and 30,000 ohms.
  • Jacketed or unjacketed lead wire
  • Range of connector options for plug-and-play integration

For customers with unique requirements, Minco may be able to provide custom configurations. And whether standard designs or customized products, all Minco-engineered sensors are meticulously designed and carefully manufactured for maximum accuracy and reliability.

About Minco

Minco Products, Inc., delivers comprehensive engineered solutions for medical, defense, aerospace, power generation, and other high-reliability applications. Minco couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering capabilities, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to deliver unmatched quality, reliability, and performance in a variety of applications all around the world. For more information, visit www.minco.com.