Introducing Dual Wall Pebax® Heat Shrink Tubing

With the innovation advances in process technology and material science by TE’s family of medical-grade tubing products, TE’s new Dual-Wall Pebax® Heat shrink tubing has specifically been designed to revolutionize the current industry standard method of consolidating tubing layers.

The outer layer will shrink and the inner layer will flow and bond into the braid adhering to the PTFE liner without the need of a process aide such has FEP. TE’s innovative new catheter assembly method revolutionizes performance, reliability, and durability for catheters and other surgical instruments. Simplified assembly and less scrap will save you time and a significant amount of money.

TE has over 50 years of proven expertise in the material formulation, extrusion, irradiation, and expansion of high-performance heat-shrink tubing. From our core strengths in materials science, design engineering, and in-house compounding, our Raychem technology has emerged as an essential element in the design and manufacture of ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified medical heat-shrink tubing.

Continuous improvement and unrivaled process technology complement our vast capabilities, which include application-specific custom formulations (color concentrates, radiopaque additives, conductive polymeric materials, reactive compounding, and adhesives) and polymer crosslinking.

TE Medical Capabilities:
  • Design engineering
  • In-house compounding & formulation
  • Manufacturing & process technology
  • Extrusion, co-extrusion, irradiation & expansion
  • Polymer cross-linking (irradiation)
  • Application equipment design
  • Testing: electrical, mechanical, chemical & thermal
  • Thin-wall polyolefins
  • High temperature, flexible and semi-rigid fluoropolymers
  • Dual-wall constructions
  • Controlled longitudinal shrinkage
  • Clear and color constructions




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