Lumen Dynamics, a world leader in light delivery technologies, announces the expansion of its UV bonding solutions into wide area curing applications.

Mississauga, Canada, [January 16, 2013] — Lumen Dynamics, a world leader in light delivery technologies, announces the expansion of its UV bonding solutions into wide area curing applications. Since 1984, Lumen Dynamics has earned a reputation as a market leader in UV spot curing and continues to grow its product portfolio of UV curing solutions that has now extended into wide area curing applications to help address the challenges in industrial manufacturing processes.

Earlier this year, Lumen Dynamics introduced its OmniCure® LC280 UV LED linear curing solution for wide area curing in a number of industrial applications.  Designed with a unique combination of high power UV output and low temperature curing, the LC280 enables manufacturers to achieve outstanding throughput performance and increased product yields.The LC280 generates low heat during the curing process accommodating a wider range of substrates and materials to be cured without heat damage normally caused by traditional lamp-based solutions. Innovative air-cooled UV LED technology eliminates the need for external cooling and ozone venting while consuming less power than lamp-based systems to simplify integration into new or existing production line infrastructures. For even greater flexibility, manufacturers are able to adjoin multiple systems together to expand the addressable curing area. Sample applications that can benefit from this technology include industrial applications such as display assembly, electronics components, speaker assembly, lens bonding and film lamination; also medical applications such as syringes, filters and insulin pens.

“We are excited about the expansion of our Industrial product portfolio of UV curing systems for wide area curing applications and look forward to introducing multiple new products in the New Year that will address the needs of various industrial applications,” stated Karim Kanji, President and CEO of Lumen Dynamics. “We have taken the control and repeatability built into all of our UV spot curing systems and are now offering these same advantages in wide area industrial applications.”

Lumen Dynamics UV curing application expertise doesn’t stop there! The company owns state-of-the art material testing capabilities and works with material suppliers to help customers make the smooth transition to UV LED curing processes. With application specialists on staff and process experts out in the field, Lumen Dynamics is able to offer customers worldwide, with key resources to assist them in their UV process development and testing.

Lumen Dynamics is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified which underscores the company’s commitment to providing highest quality products and support to its customers.  This is reinforced by Lumen Dynamics’ recent awards for outstanding innovation and service.

About Lumen Dynamics
Lumen Dynamics Group Inc. is a global leader of innovative specialty light delivery solutions for Life Science and Industrial applications. Founded in 1984, the company offers market leading products through its industry recognized brands: X-Cite®, OmniCure® and Excelerate®. Lumen Dynamics is a technology company propelled forward by its commitment and light expertise in providing customer solutions through the innovative application of light. The company is focused on advancing technology while continuously improving its contribution towards environmental sustainability.  For more information about Lumen Dynamics, visit

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