As COVID-19 impacts countries around the world, front-line workers have been crucial during this fight.

Lee Spring is playing an active role globally in the manufacturing of critical components and supporting quick lead times essential to the COVID-19 pandemic response. Lee Spring employees have sprung into action to prioritize critical products needed for medical devices. Many Lee Spring customers supply essential equipment for various fields including life-saving devices, testing, diagnostic equipment, medical research and development, and the general supply for hospital equipment.

Steve Kempf, Lee Spring CEO, stated “Our top priority has always been the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and communities. We are focused on this now more than ever. While we have always known that our customers - and in turn, our springs – play an important role in people’s daily lives, the often critical nature of this role has been starkly revealed through the current crisis, so we are very proud to support them in every way possible right now.”

Lee Spring has been supporting medical customers for decades and many of those customers are at the forefront of this pandemic fight. Lee Spring often works on custom designs from inception through research and development, all the way to final long-run production supply. Lee Spring engineers have worked closely with many of these critical medical products for years and in many cases have been involved in the earliest designs and R&D stages.

As critical needs shifted rapidly in the early stages of this pandemic, Lee Spring has been able to shift manufacturing to meet those demands. Lee Spring employees have gone above and beyond to ensure on time delivery for critical components as well as maintain a safe working environment. It was clear early on that the need for medical devices, especially ventilators, would be a high priority. Medical suppliers from around the globe were in need of our parts to fill their supply chains quickly. Testing equipment has become a major priority around the globe and many also require specialized and custom springs. These complex devices are heavily engineered components, which includes various spring types.

Lee Spring can help to design a spring, suggest materials and finishes, plus provide working prototypes quickly. When long range production is required, Lee Spring can work with customers anywhere in the world. This global flexibility allows Lee Spring to work with a design team in one part of the world and manufacture in another part of the world. This alignment is ideal for many global companies.

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About Lee Spring

Lee Spring is a global manufacturer of mechanical springs and related products. Lee Spring carries a line of 25,000+ stock springs and manufacturers custom springs made to customer specifications. Established in 1918, Lee Spring is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY USA and has multiple facilities in the United States, as well as locations in the UK, Germany, Mexico, China and India.

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