The move adds focus, resources to each business

Labeltronix, California’s leading label manufacturer and provider of labeling equipment, announces the creation of an independent division—ReThink Label Systems—focusing solely on providing innovative on-demand label printers, supplies, and technical support.
The new division, which launches today, builds on Labeltronix’ long-standing reputation as an industry leader in both label manufacturing and on-demand label printing solutions. In fact, Labeltronix was founded in 1993 as a reseller of Zebra label printers and a provider of essentials like printheads, ribbons and labels, along with service and technical support.

ReThink Label Systems, which is co-located in Labeltronix headquarters, adds a new direction to Labeltronix’ foundation by offering “breakthrough” color printers available for the first time in the marketplace.

“Due to advancements in technology for on-demand color label printing, we see great opportunities to help customers produce labels with a color quality that was never possible before,” said John Trail, president. “That opens doors for improved branding, easily identifying shipments by color-coded labels, reducing label printing operating costs and improving processes for our customers.”