IDEX Health & Science introduces their new line of biocompatible column hardware to the marketplace

Middleboro, MA, February 11, 2016 — IDEX Health & Science, LLC announces the launch of their revolutionary, biocompatible columns and accessories. These PEEK-lined stainless steel (PLS) columns combine the strength of traditional stainless steel with the chemical inertness of PEEK to provide a solution that ensures the integrity of biological samples while operating at ultra-high pressures of 20,000 psi. The higher operating pressures allow faster throughput separations. The PLS hardware comes with removable frit assemblies which can provide an economical replacement advantage to the column packers. IDEX Health & Science’s state-of-the-art MarvelX™ UHPLC Connection Systems complement the non-metal fluid path and ensure a guaranteed connection with zero dead volume.

“Our PLS columns address the market for UHPLC bio inert applications. With the market evolution especially in the BioPharma industry, there is an increasing application need for high-performance separations in the biosciences. Our PLS hardware ensures the integrity of bio-molecules and minimizes unwanted surface interactions when working under harsh solvent or pH conditions”, says Saba Jazeeli Product Solutions Manager for IDEX Health & Science.

Another unique feature of these biocompatible columns is with the PEEK encapsulated in the stainless steel, ultra-high pressure applications are possible. IDEX Health & Science offers an extensive portfolio of 2.1mm & 4.6mm ID column lengths with both PEEK and titanium frits options, based on pressure demands.

“This hardware is best suited to throughput critical applications that require metal free, highly inert flow paths. Some applications include high resolution biomolecule separations, ion chromatography, or applications that can be corrosive to traditional stainless steel hardware.” Dan Czarnecki, Engineer, for IDEX Health & Science.

About IDEX Health & Science LLC

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