Delivering maximum durability without compromising lubricity

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN (June 8, 2017) – Harland Medical Systems introduces Lubricent® Ultra™ Hydrophilic Coating solution with superior adhesion, low particulate generation and unsurpassed lubricity. To achieve high durability without sacrificing superior lubricity requires more than just a unique coating solution. This level of performance also requires a coating process optimized for each unique device substrate material and shape.

Harland’s step-by-step “Start Now” method development program produces a coating process that not only meets or exceeds your durability and lubricity performance requirements, but is also robust for the production environment. Harland has demonstrated to customers the ability and expertise to meet or exceed their requirements for hydrophilic coatings with low particulate generation. Medical devices coated with Harland Lubricent coatings using processes created by the Harland “Start Now” method development program are on the market throughout the world.

With maximum durability, Lubricent Ultra also has the ability to bond to a wide variety of base materials making it the perfect coating solution for difficult surfaces like polyimide and polyethylene. With this wide application spectrum, customers can take advantage of a single coating solution for a variety of devices such as catheters and guidewires. This simplifies raw materials management and inventory planning.

“Successful coating properties are determined by both chemistry and the method of how the coating is applied. The combination of state-of-the-art chemistry and the rigorous methodology behind the application is what delivers the low particulate properties,” states Kevin Guenther, Methods Director at Harland Medical Systems.

Visit Harland at Medical Design & Manufacturing East (booth 1166) to learn how Lubricent Ultra Hydrophilic Coating Solution provides superior performance for medical devices. Customers are welcome to submit their hydrophilic coating requirements for a feasibility project. Harland offers feasibility projects focusing on customer-specific coating performance requirements. Harland prepares detailed technical reports for customers along with coated samples for evaluation.

About Harland Medical
Harland Medical Systems provides medical device coatings, contract-coating services, and automated coating and testing equipment. Coatings include hydrophilic antimicrobial and drug delivery coatings. Automated coaters include surface preparation, dip, and cure processes for quantities of a few parts per day up to tens of millions of parts per year. Coating services are performed in ISO 13485 Class 8 controlled environments from low to high annual volume requirements.


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