Filtrona Porous Technologies announces

6 June 2013

Filtrona Porous Technologies today announces that it's parent company, Filtrona plc ("Filtrona" or "the Company") has indicated that, with effect from Wednesday 26 June 2013, it will be renamed as Essentra plc. Following that Filtrona Porous Technologies will re-brand to Essentra Porous Technologies during the second half of this year, with a view that the roll-out is completed by the end of 2013.

Essentra, an abstract name, was specifically chosen to capture what Filtrona's businesses, including Filtrona Porous Technologies, manufactures and supplies; namely, millions of small but essential components which often play a critical enabling role in the products of our customers, everywhere and every day. The selection of a new brand has taken over a year of planning, extensive research and testing, and it is considered that the new identity of Essentra best represents the Company's activities and products.

As part of Filtrona's Vision 2015 strategy, the Company has progressively been creating a more unified culture, working together in a more co-ordinated way so as to leverage the Group's collective skills and capabilities more effectively. The Essentra brand will be adopted by each of Filtrona's businesses, representing a change from the current situation where the corporate name and logo is used by some but not all. As such, the re-branding to Essentra is an important and logical milestone on the Company's path to achieving it Vision 2015 objectives.

The re-branding to Essentra is expected to benefit the Company's customers, in terms of giving them greater visibility as to the benefits of Filtrona's entire product and service offering, with a more co-ordinated communication behind a single visual identity. It is also anticipated that the re-branding will provide employees with a more cohesive and engagig culture, aligned around a vibrant, forward-looking and dynamic corporate identity.

Commenting on today's announcement, Russ Rogers, President of Filtrona Porous Technologies, stated:

"Our re-branding to Essentra Porous Technologies is an exciting development. While we manufacture and distribute products which are ostensibly unconnected to other Filtrona businesses, what unites us is that we are all leading suppliers of essential components to our customers. Indeed, through working together in a more co-ordinated way and leveraging our collective skills and capabilites under a single brand, we believe we can benefit all our stakeholders and be an even more relevant partner to them.

We will communicate in further detail as to our own re-branding plans to Essentra Porous Technologies in the second half of the year: in the meantime, it's business as usual."


Filtrona Porous Technologies:
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About Filtrona plc

Filtrona plc ("Filtrona") is an FTSE 250 company and a leading international supplier of specialty plastic, fibre and foam products with four principal operating divisions: Component & Protection Solutions, Porous Technologies, Coated & Security Products, and Filter Products. Filtrona focuses on the light manufacture and distribution of high volume, essential components which serve customers in a variety of end-markets and geographies.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Filtrona's global network extends to 29 countries and includes c. 5,000 employees, 42 principal manufacturing facilities, 64 sales & distribution operations and 5 research & development centres.