IDEX Health & Science integrates advanced fluidic and optical components and capabilities to support and guarantee customers’ success.

Rohnert Park, CA, January 14, 2016 — IDEX Health & Science, LLC announces a newly expanded portfolio of state-of-the-art fluidic, microfluidic, and optical components and capabilities that are unrivaled in breadth, quality, performance, and design. To further complement this fusion of advanced optofluidic technologies, IDEX Health & Science engineering experts actively share decades of market-leading knowledge and tools that bring together fluidics and optics to make life science instrumentation innovation faster and easier.

“This announcement marks the combination of unparalleled microfluidic and optical engineering prowess with the proven heritage of IDEX Health & Science fluidics expertise. As a trusted partner in life science instrument development, we are actively mindful of market shifts, and continually invest in leading technologies and capabilities to solve our customers’ most demanding challenges. For this reason, we have devoted our global footprint of people, products, and engineering expertise, along with a vastly expanded portfolio, to support our partners’ success. Now, as the global authority in fluidics and optics, we deliver a complete spectrum of highly engineered solutions, and more powerful platforms than ever before,” says Gus Salem, Group President of IDEX Health & Science.

The expanded IDEX Health & Science portfolio is driven by the recent integration of Semrock and Melles Griot, both from the recently restructured Optics and Photonics platform of IDEX Corporation, in addition to the acquisition of CIDRA® Precision Services, announced last July. Semrock, Melles Griot and CIDRA® Precision Services product lines – including filters, lenses, shutters, laser sources, light engines, integrated optical assemblies, and microfluidics components – are complementary to the existing IDEX Health & Science fluidics line, and will provide the foundation for a broader set of products and capabilities for instrument and consumable developers to end users. All of the newly integrated companies bring strong R&D and engineering expertise with a rich base of fundamental components and technologies.

The combination of microfluidic and optical capabilities with existing IDEX Health & Science fluidics capabilities creates an even more diversified leader in intelligently engineered optofluidic solutions, including: highly engineered fluidic components and integrated assemblies as well as sophisticated optical components and assemblies. This combination is the next step in the transformation of IDEX Health & Science into an intelligent solutions company, expanding its global scale with extensive products, capabilities and technology assets for a wide range of life science applications.

“IDEX Health & Science is now uniquely positioned as the leading life science optofluidic company. We’re different because we partner with our customers to overcome obstacles along their development path. Our primary goal is to make our customers genuinely feel like they are part of our team. By giving them the tools and support they need, we both succeed,” Salem said.

About IDEX Health & Science LLC

IDEX Health & Science is the global authority in fluidics and optics for the life sciences market, offering a three-fold advantage to customers by bringing optofluidic paths to life with products, people, and engineering expertise. Respected worldwide for solving complex problems, IDEX Health & Science delivers complete life science instrumentation development innovation for analytical, diagnostic and biotechnology applications. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art components and capabilities, IDEX Health & Science is changing the vision for optofluidic solutions, anticipating customers’ needs with intelligent solutions for life. Product offerings include: connections, valves, pumps, degassers, column hardware, manifolds, microfluidics, consumables, integrated fluidic assemblies, filters, lenses, shutters, laser sources, light engines and integrated optical assemblies. For more information visit: