Dukane Corporation, St. Charles IL, introduces iQLogiX™, an optional module available on iQ Series Ultrasonic Generators to simplify the configuration of work cells in plastic welding process. This product is a cost effective and simple way to automate the Ultrasonic welding process.

Work cells are very common in the assembly of plastic products for all industries. These work cells offer higher level of safety, noise reduction, part in place detection, part clamping, light curtains and many other features, which improves quality and speed of the process and reduces cost. Facilitating all these additional features require work cells to have a significant amount of electrical components, wiring and programming. However, Dukane’s iQLogiX™ eliminates the need of all the other electrical components. Simply, insert iQLogiX module into the rear card slot of an iQ Series Ultrasonic generator and the UMMA (Ultrasonic Module Menu Adapt) feature of the iQ Series generator populates the menu of the iQ Explorer II user interface with all the programmable options.
iQLogiX™ comes with 20 programmable input and 16 output connections. Programming these input output connections is simple via the iQ Explorer II software and requires no PLC programming skills. A user can save, copy, or change the program at any time with no special programming hardware.
Another advantage of iQLogiX™ is that all the expensive electrical hardware and PLC programming is no longer needed to convert an ultrasonic welder from just a simple desktop machine to a sophisticated turnkey work cell. iQLogiX™ also provides a lot of flexibility, since it can be reconfigured at any time with changing process or future needs. For example if a user needs to add a part clamp to an application, it can be easily done by clicking on the program tab and assigning another I/O.
For more information on the new iQLogiX™ contact Dukane call 630-797-4900, email [email protected] or visit http://www.dukane.com/us/PPL_iQ_LogiX.htm

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