INTROTEK INT’L, the Global Leader for more than 35 years, has produced non-invasive, ultrasonic air bubble detectors, continuous liquid and point level sensors, and optical blood component detectors for the medical device, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, life sciences and food & beverage and aerospace industries. Introtek has maintained its commitment in providing safe, reliable products to ensure customer satisfaction.

INTROTEK’s Drip Detect Sensor (DDS) can be customized & designed to fit any drip chamber. This sleek, noninvasive designed sensor outputs a pulse for each drop of liquid accurately and dependably, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming, visual drip count monitoring at patient site for flow rate. Introtek has combined two critical features in one non-invasive, sleek, compact sensor design. Our latest drip chamber sensor reliably measures liquid level while monitoring the instantaneous drip rate for each drop of liquid inside the drip chamber This combination sensor can be customized for use with a variety of clear drip chambers.