Crystal IS announces the addition of three new UVC LED products to its Klaran® disinfection product line

June 13, 2017

Crystal IS, a leader in developing high performance UVC LEDs, today announced the addition of three new UVC LED products to its Klaran® disinfection product line. The new Klaran devices deliver up to three times greater germicidal performance at 260-270 nm than similar devices, enabling medical equipment manufacturers to integrate quantifiable disinfection capabilities into their products. Emitting UV energy at the peak absorption range of bacterial D/RNA ensures a highly effective and consistent germicidal effect across a range of potentially lethal pathogens linked to Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

These new UVC LEDs enable the development of innovative portable equipment and handheld devices which can enhance current aseptic protocols by automating traditional manual tasks with a measured dose of disinfection. Using these devices, infection control departments and epidemiologists can also track and establish associations between aseptic protocols and reductions in the incidence of HAIs to improve compliance reporting and quality of care.

“We are committed to ensuring our products meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry,” said Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. “These new Klaran devices and our support teams help our healthcare customers advance their proof of concept designs from early stage development through to commercial launch.”

These new Klaran UVC LEDs are produced on the company’s lattice-matched Aluminum Nitride substrates which enable high germicidal output at deep UVC wavelengths. The new healthcare additions to the Klaran product line include a high-powered version for handheld medical devices and two long-lifetime products for portable equipment.

For healthcare equipment manufacturers, the new Klaran UVC LEDs:

  • Provide effective and consistent disinfection power across a range of pathogens and microbes
  • Offer targeted disinfection with minimal stray energy loss when compared to other technologies
  • Offer flexible design, and low energy means to innovate portable or hand-held devices
  • Feature instant-on capability for ease of use and increased productivity

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