COINING developed Bio-Implantable Composite Materials (BCM's). The combination of these metals provide the strength, electrical conductivity, and biocompatibility for electronic implantable devices to preform without failure and for extended periods of time. BCM's will enhance the performance of electronic implantable devices by enabling wireless and long-lasting charge. COINING's BCMs resolve the issue of premature device failure and enhance reliability and durability.

Montvale, NJ. U.S.A. (Feb. 27, 2022)- AMETEK COINING is launching all-new Bio-Implantable Composite Materials (BCMs) that are ideal for multiple life-saving applications in the medical industry. Capabilities include maximum strength, high corrosion resistance, and increased electrical conductivity. The BCMs are ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 approved for the utmost product reliability. This ensures that the materials include the purest alloys and metals to meet precise customer specifications, as well as offer high-quality, improved performance of implantable medical devices.

The BCMs are extremely flexible with product customization and have very short lead times. They are available in the tightest tolerances for optimization of stringent requirements for implantable devices. The BCM sizes range from a 0.020 inches diameter (500 microns) at a thickness of 0.003 (75 microns) to ½ inch by ½ inch, 1-inch overall size.


Devices being implanted into the human body require electronic components that have excellent reliability, extreme strength, biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance. BCMs are ideal for multiple critical life-saving devices in the medical electronic implantable device industry. These applications include pacemakers, neuromodulation, defibrillators, urology, and prostate cancer treatment. BCMs enable wireless charging and resolve the issue of premature device failure by allowing a longer lasting charge.

Tom Bobal, Engineering and Laboratory Services Manager at COINING, commented: “Advances in medical implantable technology require the innovative use of leading-edge material solutions. Recognizing this, COINING has developed the BCMs to address QLPT (Quality of Life Prolonging Technology) requirements. The current range of BCM products meet today’s needs for QLPT advances, with new solutions added.”

COINING holds a unique position in the microstamping industry based on its superior cladding capability. Bio-Implantable Composite Materials are made from combining high performance metals such as titanium and gold as well as Kovar and copper. The combination of these alloys delivers the strength, electrical conductivity, and biocompatibility for electronic implantable devices to perform without failure for extended periods of time.

Operating out of Montvale, NJ in the USA, and Penang, Malaysia, COINING is the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world and has an extensive library of solder preform dies with about 15,000 different tools. COINING has a successful history of being the leading producer of gold, aluminum, and copper bonding wire as well as jumper chips, bonding pads, tabs, heat sinks, lead frames,solder spheres and cover assemblies for the microelectronics industry.